Market Tamer Review

Does The Market Tamer Options Trading System Work?
Market Tamer Review
After reading dozens of books on options trading, attending all the seminars and buying just about every options trading course and tool on the market, when I stumbled across Market Tamer, I was understandable skeptical.

So my main question was, does Market Tamer really work?

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Unfortunately because the system was so new, I couldn’t find a decent Market Tamer Review anywhere on the Internet.

So after taking a chance and giving it a try, I decided to write this review to help others who were considering investing in the Market Tamer System.

What you will find here is the most comprehensive Market Tamer Review on the internet.   The good and the bad!

Market Tamer was created by a top graduate from Wharton School of Business named Gareth Feighery.

Gareth is the real deal…

He has even been featured on CNBC.

Unlike most other options trading courses I’ve gone through, Market Tamer doesn’t just explain the theory behind profitably trading options, the 10 training modules also cover the following topics:

Module 1, Lesson 1:  Stock Market 101 – Discover the basics of the stock market
Module 1, Lesson 2:  Always An Option – Master the basics of options
Module 1, Lesson 3:  Make Big Profits – Learn about the long call and long put options
Module 1, Lesson 4:  Get Paid To Trade – Learn about short options including the short put and short call
Module 1, Lesson 5:  Master The Greeks – Discover the Greeks including theta, delta and vega

Module 2, Lesson 1:Master Due Diligence – Find out the importance of research
Module 2, Lesson 2:Find Rock Solid Companies – Master fundamental analysis
Module 2, Lesson 3:Financial Statements Uncovered – Learn all about financial statements
Module 2, Lesson 4:Improve Your Timing – Find out how to time the market
Module 2, Lesson 5:Sentiment & The Economy – Learn the importance of sentiment and economic indicators

Module 3, Lesson 1:  Insure Your Stocks – Find out how to protect your stock holdings with the Married Put strategy
Module 3, Lesson 2: Get Paid While owning stocks – Generate cash flow using the Covered Call
Module 3, Lesson 3: The Vacation Trade – Learn how to minimize risk and control greed with the Collar Trade
Module 3, Lesson 4: Zero Risk Trading – Find out how to trade with no risk

Module 4, Lesson 1:  Controlled Growth – Learn an advanced strategy to grow a portfolio
Module 4, Lesson 2:  Get Paid to be a Bull – Profit from upward trends without spending a penny
Module 4, Lesson 3:  Get Paid to be a Bear – Profit from downward trends without spending a dime
Module 4, Lesson 4:  Profit from Channeling Stocks – Discover how to make money when stocks trade in a range

Module 5, Lesson 1:  Strangle the Market – Take advantage of explosive stock market movements
Module 5, Lesson 2: Get paid to profit from volatility I – Find out an advanced strategy to profit from volatility
Module 5, Lesson 3: Get paid to profit from volatility II – Discover another innovative strategy to profit from volatility
Module 5, Lesson 4: Advanced Volatility Strategy – Join the experts by learning how to profit from volatility

Module 6, Lesson 1: The Amazing Lazy Trade – Don’t have time to trade? This strategy might suit you
Module 6, Lesson 2: The Call Calendar – When stocks are trending slowly higher, this strategy is appropriate
Module 6, Lesson 3: The Put  Calendar – When stocks are trending slowly lower, you can profit with low risk
Module 6, Lesson 4: The Double Diagonal – Master this unique strategy and learn how to mitigate risk and make handsome profits

Module 7, Lesson 1: Portfolio Management – Find out how to responsibly manage portfolio
Module 7, Lesson 2: A trading system – Discover how to integrate strategies into a system
Module 7, Lesson 3: Winning Short-term – Master a short-term trading system for explosive profits

Module 8, Lesson 1: The Lottery Ticket Trade – Discover a high risk, high reward trade
Module 8, Lesson 2: LEAP for profits – Find out how to trade long-term options
Module 8, Lesson 3: The Plunge Protector Trade – Learn how to take advantage of huge stock market drops

Module 9, Lesson 1: Mastering The Cycle – Learn how to adjust to market movements and profits
Module 9, Lesson 2: Maximizing Profit, Minimizing Risk – The market changes so master this adjustment process
Module 9, Lesson 3: Vacation Trade Mastery – Learn how to adjust the collar trade

Module 10, Lesson 1: The Great Escape – Learn how to adjust the bull put spread
Module 10, Lesson 2: Profit From Surprise – Find out how to adjust the bear call spread
Module 10, Lesson 3: Rolling for Profits – Discover how rolling options can lead to profits
Module 10, Lesson 4: Profit from unexpected volatility – When volatility is unexpected, money can be made, discover how!
Module 10, Lesson 5: Escaping a strangle – Find out how to adjust the strangle strategy

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These 10 modules give you a solid plan to profit no matter what is going on in the market.

And to help make sure you are making progress and staying up on the latest developments, Market Tamer also provides 3-5 live training webinars each week.

In addition to the outstanding training covered in the 10 training modules, and weekly webinars, another thing I like about Market Tamer over other trading systems or training programs is their Black Box Trading Algorithm.

The Black Box Trading Algorithm is a Stock crunching algorithm that claims to predict major market reversals with 100% accuracy.

According to Market Tamer the Black Box Trading Algorithm had a perfect prediction record in 2010 of identifying major market reversals.

Think about it, if you could somehow predict what’s going to happen tomorrow with a high degree of accuracy, do you think that would be useful information?

You bet it is!

Now I have not been personally using Market tamer long enough to verify this myself, but so far the predictions I’ve seen have been right on the money.

Market Tamer also gives you daily trading ideas using an advanced algorithm (just like many of the top hedge firms use) that can literally crunch through thousands of stocks each day, ignoring the losers and sending the winners straight to the top churning out stock picks.

These daily picks have proved to be very profitable!

You get the best of the best stock trades at your fingertips every single day – automatically.

This lets you cherry pick high probability trade ideas, generated by an advanced algorithm that crunches through thousands of stocks each day, choosing only the best based on the same concept that Google uses to provide the most targeted search results.

The biggest benefit I’ve found from the Market Tamer Black Box is by eliminating the biggest barrier – time!

By reducing stock picking hours to minutes, most of the heavy lifting is taken away from YOU – by generating trading ideas every single day and then actually telling you exactly what strategy to use for the ones you choose to trade based on your risk tolerance and reward goals.

Market Tamers approach is to give you multiple strategies so you can safely make money no matter which way the market goes AND keep your personal risk to a minimum.

Overall my review of Market Tamer is very positive.

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If I had to pick a negative, the only thing I can think of is that with the 10 training modules, and all the weekly webinars, there is so much information that it can be hard to keep up.

The good news is that the webinars are usually recorded, so even if you miss one or two, you can view them later at your convenience.

And the real secret is that with the daily picks and trade recommendations you get for Market tamer, you really don’t even need the training to make money!  Just follow the daily recommendations, and you’ll be right more than you are wrong.

Bottom line, my Market Tamer Review is this…

Market Tamer works! But you shouldn’t just take my word for it… I highly recommend you try the Market Tamer System for yourself and make your own decision right now!

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